REALbasic – An Introduction.

REALbasic – lolwtf?
REALbasic is an object orientated programming language, it was the first language that I started learning and I liked it straight away. Most of my apps that I released (as I have just found) have made their way across the web and are made with REALbasic.
Also, the best Windows 7 Loader to date made by Daz is also made in REALbasic *shocked face*! So it’s clearly not all that weak if it can pwn MS ;P.

I can haz IDE?
Here is what the IDE is made up of and how it looks.

What will I learn?
Well, whatever you want to. I will be putting up alot of source code / YouTube videos and maybe even taking requests if I can fulfil them, if not I will learn how and then enlighten you!
I suggest you watch / read the source code through and through and gain a knowledge of REALbasic instead of just wiping source code and being like ”
lawl im so leet look at mah appz”, then you can learn something after reading :].


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