Got my new laptop and also got paid.

As you may know from my previous post (see below), I was waiting on a laptop coming all the way from the big ol’ USA. It did finally arrive and after some initial aggravation over the fact that the HM Revenue and Customs people wanted me to pay £80 to collect it because it was valued at over $500 (never heard of this before) I decided to give in. Needless to say it was paid and I got my new laptop and I must say it really was worth every penny.

I haven’t got around to buying Crysis yet, and I won’t either because I’m not a fan, but from what I have seen on Youtube it runs at almost max settings on this bad boy. Not too shabby I think.

I’ve got it setup and running all of my usual tools like REALbasic, Visual Studio, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and so on. So, there should be more snippets of code, designs and maybe a tutorial soon enough. Not that anyone comments on them but meh.

Oh and finally got paid for my first websire. Created from scratch in Photoshop and hand coded in Dreamweaver with HTML, CSS, jQuery / Javascript and some PHP. I’m pretty proud. Other than that everything has been a bit quiet.

Oh I have a test on Friday, so revision for that first.


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