Development – sharpUpdate V0.1.

Started working on this project today as I was looking for a project that was C#.NET based, so, I came up with this. A title update downloader which grabs title updates for people who cannot get online to get those updates.

I have it now listing all of the title updates, information on each and downloading. Next on the list is to clean the code up (as I will be releasing this as Open Source like I always do) and finalize a few details.

Open source could be a while.

I might just keep this project going, maybe even add support in it to put the title updates onto a USB drive for you? I dunno. For now, this is it.

Removed the list of updates because it was getting too long. Check out the screenshots below for picture representations of updates.


  • Final few stages of development!


To do

  • Clean up source code

4 responses to “Development – sharpUpdate V0.1.

  1. W00t!

    Well looking forward to building this project up!
    Get some decent backing with the program, exception handling (oh my lawd, so important) and…

    Stop me if I am going too far…

    Get this on Xbox-Scene. xD

  2. x] Would be a good idea to keep this going eh? Not for it to die like 360ISO Announcer.

    Yeah I gotta clean the source now, cause it’s messier than a kebab in a blender with the top off, then I’ll make a release and hopefully (if I get my hands on an Xbox) try to add support for putting it on to USB for auto updating.

    Then submit to Xbox-Scene!

  3. teh link is dead

  4. See this post for the release.

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