Release – ABGX360ISO Announcer V2.

What is ABGX360ISO Announcer?
This app sits in the tastkbar along with your MSN icon, volume control, etc.. and it will pop up balloon notifications with the latest released game or the latest verified game depending on which you selected.

This app can also be found on the homepage, but seeing as I haven’t posted it here yet and it is my most popular app I thought I would!

Enjoy it! Updates, pics and shouts are below.


  • Fresh recode from scratch
  • Quicker response time from actions
  • Parsing data faster using different methods
  • Timer from 5 – 20 minutes for updates
  • Simple GUI for users to work with
  • Informative balloon updates with new info on releases / verifications
  • NEW! SS / DMI Downloader!

ABGX360ISO Downloader – What is it?
This is a new app I have included in the build and it downloads SS / DMI Combos based on
a given XEX CRC that you enter in.
To run it, start up the ABGX360ISO Announcer and in the system tray, right click on the icon,
and click on “Download SS / DMI Combo”. Simple ! Or you can run the .exe from the main folder.

The downloader .exe must be in the same folder as the announcer for it to run from the system tray
option. Do not remove.

Daz – For helping me program for the last few years and helping out when needed.
360ISO Community – For their support
MomDad – For allowing my app access to ABGX.nets resources

iamn00b, Chalky94, bosscadillac and MattyMurder. Thanks guys.

For updates visit;

Imgur Gallery
ABGX360ISO Announcer Gallery

Download Link


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