Small Update.

I thought my blog was kinda “messy” to say the least. I had unused categories and there were a few pages which could have been easily combined to make one big page.

There are now only 3 pages; Designs, Lessons and Program Releases. The names should really give away what they are about but if they don’t then here is what they will be containing!

Designs – Anything I design in Photoshop, 3DS Max, Illustrator, Paint, Pen&Paper. Anything.
Lessons – All of the REALbasic Series is currently listed here along with a few new additions such as C#, Photoshop and Web Development. However, everything except REALbasic is currently empty. I will work on that. If you want any lessons just ask.
Program Releases – This will hold anything that I release. Each link will just be linked to the blog post on that program. Handy eh?

Apart from those updates I will now be posting a few Web Development tips or tricks that I learn. Anything from PHP to jQuery.

And that’s really it. Hopefully I’ll be blogging more often. If you need any lessons done or the such, just comment.


Nyan Cat


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