REALbasic Lessons – Where are they?

Well it seems that the server at Multiupload has shut down, which to be quite honest is a pile of steaming horse shit as there was no real notification for those of us who are storing legitimate files to back them up. This means I lost all of my REALbasic tutorials I had stored on there. I did have a backup on an eHDD which up until now has been veeeerry reliant but it has also died. I am going to try and take apart the eHDD and maybe connect it to a PC and see if that will boot, maybe the USB connection is just fried…. maybe I can only hope.

Sorry about this, sorry to anyone who was trying to download files.

Good news – I now have a new laptop! Which means I will be getting back in to developing a few things and I will brush up on my programming / web development / graphics design and when I do I’ll post a few tutorials.

Oh, and I’ll update about the eHDD story as I troubleshoot the PoS.


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