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ABGX360ISO Announcer V3 goes in to closed beta.

Yeah I’ve just been looking around for a few beta testers for this app. The bad news is that the .ISO patching system won’t be included in the beta as I cannot get the app to calculate a proper XGD3 XEX CRC. I will continue to work on it and release it, hopefully, with the first public beta.

I’ll keep this thread updated with beta results.


WIP – ABGX360ISO Announver V3

Welcome to the official development thread for the new ABGX360ISO Announcer.

What is it?
This is an app I created a while back to check new releases and new verifications on and and notify you when something new is added. This is the old V2 app.


What’s working?

  • Minimize to tray
  • Balloon notifications
  • Timer (For refresh rates)
  • Connecting to
  • Parsing the latest release data
  • Showing latest release balloon

What’s not working?

  • Nothing.. so far

Todo List

  • .ISO patching


sharpUpdate broken?

As far as I can tell (from comments) is that sharpUpdate is not working. Bad times.

Unfortunately I have lost the source for this some time ago, therefore there will be no updates to it unless I plan to code it from scratch again. Which is not likely!

Sorry about this guys, if I can program / find a quick fix for the app then I will make a post about it.

Learn from this to always make a backup of a backup, because old eHDDs tend to just, y’know, die.

Development – sharpUpdate V0.1.

Started working on this project today as I was looking for a project that was C#.NET based, so, I came up with this. A title update downloader which grabs title updates for people who cannot get online to get those updates.

I have it now listing all of the title updates, information on each and downloading. Next on the list is to clean the code up (as I will be releasing this as Open Source like I always do) and finalize a few details.

Open source could be a while.

I might just keep this project going, maybe even add support in it to put the title updates onto a USB drive for you? I dunno. For now, this is it.

Removed the list of updates because it was getting too long. Check out the screenshots below for picture representations of updates.


  • Final few stages of development!


To do

  • Clean up source code