New ABGX360ISO Announcer in development. Also, what’s been going on.

Been some time since I’ve updated this blog but I’ve had a few thing going on.

Re-applied for Uni again, got back in. Starting hopefully in September going straight in to year 2, only if StudentFinance NI decide that they wanna give me money. If I get no real funding from them then I don’t go back. Simples!

REALbasic lessons – They are 100% gone. Even though MultiUpload came back online, they didn’t bring my files with them unfortunately and my eHDD (as previously stated) has kicked the bucket so I have nothing to replace the dead online files with. Sorry guys!

Now, onto ABGX360ISO Announcer V3! Well, not that much to say really. I’ve just started developing it a few moments ago. I’ll write a more detailed W.I.P post about it soon, but it should include a few really cool things over it’s predecessor. It’ll all be done in C# .NET this time instead of REALbasic. If you have any feature requests, get them in now!

Oh I almost forgot, my Android .APK Swapper app is doing pretty well. So I’m happy about the amount of downloads and I’ve fulfilled a few feature requests in it.

That’s about it from me, but I’ll try to keep this blog updated regularly.



Release – Android APK Swapper.

APK Swap

Youtube Demo Video

What? What is an APK Swapper?
Whenever you download a custom ROM file (from XDA Developers for example) it comes with apps, or APKs, preinstalled on it. Most of the time I find myself removing a few .APKs from ROM files because I simply don’t want them there. I got bored of installing the ROM and then removing all of the .APKs via ROM Manager, so I wrote this app to make the process a lot easier. So hopefully some of you find it useful also.

What do I need to run this app?
Everything comes inside the .ZIP file that is for download. Just extract that .ZIP to wherever you want and you can run the program from there. The .ZIP contains; the main .EXE program, a command line version of 7Zip so we can unzip the ROM files to work with and there is a libs folder for the shell I use to run the command line 7Zip.

Enough! I want the download!
Ok ok, here you go. Enjoy!

Version – BETA 11

I’ve found a bug! What do I do?
Keep calm and report it! You can report it either on this blog, under the Coding Corner in my thread or on XDA Developers in the Android Software Development section in my thread. Bug reports will be taken seriously and fixed when I have the time. Always keep up to date with the latest release to avoid disappointment!

Beta 11
Fixed : Bug where some ROMs would never extract (due to whitespace in results).

Beta 10
Fixed : Bug where the ROM never extracted. Embarrassing.
Updated : Slight bit of butter added to the extraction process, should be quicker now. Slightly.

Beta 9
Fixed : Bug where the APK name did not show in the list box
Updated : Few codee changes to improve performance. Butter.

Beta 8
Fixed : When dropping an APK it lists the size in bytes instead of MB.
Fixed : Bug where you could drop an APK without a ROM loaded.
Fixed : Bug where the app didn’t detect if the file was loaded. I dun goofed.

Beta 7
Added : Now checks if the ROM is a custom ROM or a stock ROM.
Added : Size now lists as MB instead of bytes.
Fixed : Sorting by size in the ROM information list.

Beta 6
Fixed : Bug where it would list all folders and files in the program folder if loading a ROM file from the program folder.

Beta 5
Added : AutoAdd script. Instructions are inside the config.ini file.
Added : Log box at the bottom of the app. Removes lots of message box notifications.
Updated : Small UI changes to cover the new log box.
Updated : Some behind-the-scenes butter.
Removed : Lots of message box notifications. Some still remain however.

Beta 4
Added : AutoDelete script. Instructions are inside the config.ini file.
Added : Lists ROM information at the bottom of the UI.
Added : Status label.
Added : APK Counter.
Updated : Small UI changes to include the new elements.
Updated : Some speed impovements
Fixed : A bug where it wouldn’t let the user create a .ZIP ROM file.

Beta 3
Removed : All links for a warez forum that was added in the app. Not intentionally, of course. It’s just my base forum where I’m always on.

Beta 2
Added : Can inject multiple .APKs at once (via drag and drop on the blue box or through the listbox context menu)
Added : Can extract multiple .APKs at once
Added : Can delete multiple .APKs at once
Updated : Listbox automatically resorts itself after injection of .APKs

Initial BETA releasee

REALbasic Lessons – Where are they?

Well it seems that the server at Multiupload has shut down, which to be quite honest is a pile of steaming horse shit as there was no real notification for those of us who are storing legitimate files to back them up. This means I lost all of my REALbasic tutorials I had stored on there. I did have a backup on an eHDD which up until now has been veeeerry reliant but it has also died. I am going to try and take apart the eHDD and maybe connect it to a PC and see if that will boot, maybe the USB connection is just fried…. maybe I can only hope.

Sorry about this, sorry to anyone who was trying to download files.

Good news – I now have a new laptop! Which means I will be getting back in to developing a few things and I will brush up on my programming / web development / graphics design and when I do I’ll post a few tutorials.

Oh, and I’ll update about the eHDD story as I troubleshoot the PoS.

sharpUpdate broken?

As far as I can tell (from comments) is that sharpUpdate is not working. Bad times.

Unfortunately I have lost the source for this some time ago, therefore there will be no updates to it unless I plan to code it from scratch again. Which is not likely!

Sorry about this guys, if I can program / find a quick fix for the app then I will make a post about it.

Learn from this to always make a backup of a backup, because old eHDDs tend to just, y’know, die.

Small Update.

I thought my blog was kinda “messy” to say the least. I had unused categories and there were a few pages which could have been easily combined to make one big page.

There are now only 3 pages; Designs, Lessons and Program Releases. The names should really give away what they are about but if they don’t then here is what they will be containing!

Designs – Anything I design in Photoshop, 3DS Max, Illustrator, Paint, Pen&Paper. Anything.
Lessons – All of the REALbasic Series is currently listed here along with a few new additions such as C#, Photoshop and Web Development. However, everything except REALbasic is currently empty. I will work on that. If you want any lessons just ask.
Program Releases – This will hold anything that I release. Each link will just be linked to the blog post on that program. Handy eh?

Apart from those updates I will now be posting a few Web Development tips or tricks that I learn. Anything from PHP to jQuery.

And that’s really it. Hopefully I’ll be blogging more often. If you need any lessons done or the such, just comment.


Nyan Cat

What I’ve been upto.

Well, having finished sharpUpdate I have not coded a single line since then. Shocking. I have no projects that I can think of to start and no motivation anymore. Check out my About Me page to get a feel of what I mean.

On the plus side though I cannot get enough of R/Trees, it’s too awesome. It was always awesome but I stopped going on there for a while and was sticking to R/Programming, R/F7U12, R/Gaming and R/GamingNews.
The Ents on Trees are just too funny, the music is awesome and some of the pictures are just outstanding.

Still doing web development, have 1 more client almost finished. Just needs a few more tweaks and that another one shipped out, trouble is gonna be finding the next client :/.
For anyone who is sick of the “safe” fonts used by most web developers then you may want to check out these fonts. Extremely easy to use and very effective.

For now, that is all.

Currently listening to; this
Fucking Ents, you guys know the best music.

Release – sharpUpdate V0.1.

What is sharpUpdate?
This is a simple app I have been working on as a side project for a little while now, it kinda grew and grew as I developed it.
It’s developed in C#.NET and took me a few months to finish I think(?), but was worth it as a cool side project.
I had been reading about people complaining that they couldn’t get Title Updates because they were banned from XBL, so I thought I could do something about this, and I did.

What does it do?
sharpUpdate allows you to download a Title Update for ANY game within a certain database of games. From there you can opt to set the default download folder (Or sharpUpdate will just set it for you) and click on the “Add Title Updates to USB” button where you can, well, put Title Updates onto USB.

Title Updates on USB? How?! Why?!
Well for people who cannot get on XBL and do want the latest Title Updates for their games then they can through sharpUpdate.
What you need to have is a USB Flash Drive and it must be formatted by an Xbox 360. After your drive has been formatted by an Xbox 360 just simply plug it into your PC and run sharpUpdate. From there you can download Title Updates and add/remove them to your USB Flash Drive! Simples.

What do I need for this app?
– A USB Flash Drive that has been formatted by an Xbox 360
– A game that needs a Title Update
– .NET4 on your PC

I want to see pictures/videos/proof of this app working
Ok, here you go.

List of testers and results

Imgur GUI Screenshot

Youtube Videos
Video #1
Video #2 Part 1
Video #2 Part 2

Ok I’ve heard enough, let me download it!
Ok so be it! Here is your download link!
Unfortunately the website I did host this project on has been taken down, along with it all of my links for the download. Extremely upsetting. I might have a copy on a pen drive somewhere.

PS – Read the READ ME

What’s been going on?

Well followers, yes again I am assuming I have followers. So what.

Not much has been going on recently, I changed courses from Computing with Games Development on over to Computer Science Software Systems Development. Moar programming ftw.

Random news, I’m patiently waiting on the new release of melodyMe by Matt Ryder. The app is fantastic as it is now and it includes Twitter support so you can Tweet whatever you are listening to, y’know just to show off which genre of music you listen to. The new version will have Facebook support and lots more awesome ideas. It will set you back a very small one off fee of 99p but as far as music streaming apps goes this one would be worth alot more.
Download this app now for free to check out how good it is and get a feel for it before buying it, which you should.

Also for any programmers out there check this out, made me laugh. What if Visual Studio had achievements?
You all know they are true and you would have earned alot of them already!

sharpUpdate is coming along quite nicely, look on through this blog for a quick update on what’s new and what’s upcoming.

All in all that’s quite it. Post if you want tutorials or source code for anything. Except sharpUpdate.

Release – ABGX360ISO Announcer V2.

What is ABGX360ISO Announcer?
This app sits in the tastkbar along with your MSN icon, volume control, etc.. and it will pop up balloon notifications with the latest released game or the latest verified game depending on which you selected.

This app can also be found on the homepage, but seeing as I haven’t posted it here yet and it is my most popular app I thought I would!

Enjoy it! Updates, pics and shouts are below.


  • Fresh recode from scratch
  • Quicker response time from actions
  • Parsing data faster using different methods
  • Timer from 5 – 20 minutes for updates
  • Simple GUI for users to work with
  • Informative balloon updates with new info on releases / verifications
  • NEW! SS / DMI Downloader!

ABGX360ISO Downloader – What is it?
This is a new app I have included in the build and it downloads SS / DMI Combos based on
a given XEX CRC that you enter in.
To run it, start up the ABGX360ISO Announcer and in the system tray, right click on the icon,
and click on “Download SS / DMI Combo”. Simple ! Or you can run the .exe from the main folder.

The downloader .exe must be in the same folder as the announcer for it to run from the system tray
option. Do not remove.

Daz – For helping me program for the last few years and helping out when needed.
360ISO Community – For their support
MomDad – For allowing my app access to ABGX.nets resources

iamn00b, Chalky94, bosscadillac and MattyMurder. Thanks guys.

For updates visit;

Imgur Gallery
ABGX360ISO Announcer Gallery

Download Link
Megaupload Continue reading

REALbasic Lesson 12 – Creating an MP3 player.

I got bored at Uni so I decided to make an MP3 player. Not much new in this but you can see how to work with another listbox and also a movie player. There is an OpenDialog feature which is pretty useful. Enjoy.

Source Code
Unfortunately the website I hosted my code on has vanished. However, my videos show all the source code. Watch them and pause to see the code.

YouTube Video
REALbasic Lesson 12 – Creating an MP3 player