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Small update.

Things are going pretty well lately so I thought I’d better make a post about it.

Since the last post (~3 months ago) I’ve been very busy doing uni work (tests, projects, studying, etc) so I had no real time to focus on any of my own projects. After my exams, I’ve had last week to work on my own projects and I also have this coming week to update/fix any of my apps, or even start a new secret one that I’ve been planning for a very long time.

As far as uni goes everything is going pretty smooth. Came out with very nice marks in all modules for coursework and I’ll hopefully get my exam marks in the next few weeks.

Booked a holiday around Christmas time to Amsterdam with Andrea, heading off in the next 2 weeks AFAIK but then again I’m not 100% sure. Completely awful with remembering dates. Also had to send off for my passport a few days ago as, until last week, I didn’t know I had lost it. Pushing it for time but I’ve sent it off marked as ‘express’ so it should be here next week!

Just today I pushed a new update (beta 10) of my APK Swapper. Fixed a pretty embarrassing bug that had me stressing.

That’s really all that’s been happening! I might make a post here soon teasing at my new project that I’ll hopefully make a start on tomorrow night when I head back up to my uni house.

As I always say, I’ll try to keep this blog updated.


Awesome. APK Swapper just got a write up on XDA.

I just noticed that my app APK Swapper got a write up on the XDA Developers website. Here is the write up if you want to read it.

Just really chuffed about it! The download numbers for beta 2/3 are standing at 1900 almost which is pretty damn good!

Anyways, off to develop beta 4 which includes a few nice updates!

Release – Android APK Swapper.

APK Swap

Youtube Demo Video

What? What is an APK Swapper?
Whenever you download a custom ROM file (from XDA Developers for example) it comes with apps, or APKs, preinstalled on it. Most of the time I find myself removing a few .APKs from ROM files because I simply don’t want them there. I got bored of installing the ROM and then removing all of the .APKs via ROM Manager, so I wrote this app to make the process a lot easier. So hopefully some of you find it useful also.

What do I need to run this app?
Everything comes inside the .ZIP file that is for download. Just extract that .ZIP to wherever you want and you can run the program from there. The .ZIP contains; the main .EXE program, a command line version of 7Zip so we can unzip the ROM files to work with and there is a libs folder for the shell I use to run the command line 7Zip.

Enough! I want the download!
Ok ok, here you go. Enjoy!

Version – BETA 11

I’ve found a bug! What do I do?
Keep calm and report it! You can report it either on this blog, Xbox360ISO.com under the Coding Corner in my thread or on XDA Developers in the Android Software Development section in my thread. Bug reports will be taken seriously and fixed when I have the time. Always keep up to date with the latest release to avoid disappointment!

Beta 11
Fixed : Bug where some ROMs would never extract (due to whitespace in results).

Beta 10
Fixed : Bug where the ROM never extracted. Embarrassing.
Updated : Slight bit of butter added to the extraction process, should be quicker now. Slightly.

Beta 9
Fixed : Bug where the APK name did not show in the list box
Updated : Few codee changes to improve performance. Butter.

Beta 8
Fixed : When dropping an APK it lists the size in bytes instead of MB.
Fixed : Bug where you could drop an APK without a ROM loaded.
Fixed : Bug where the app didn’t detect if the file was loaded. I dun goofed.

Beta 7
Added : Now checks if the ROM is a custom ROM or a stock ROM.
Added : Size now lists as MB instead of bytes.
Fixed : Sorting by size in the ROM information list.

Beta 6
Fixed : Bug where it would list all folders and files in the program folder if loading a ROM file from the program folder.

Beta 5
Added : AutoAdd script. Instructions are inside the config.ini file.
Added : Log box at the bottom of the app. Removes lots of message box notifications.
Updated : Small UI changes to cover the new log box.
Updated : Some behind-the-scenes butter.
Removed : Lots of message box notifications. Some still remain however.

Beta 4
Added : AutoDelete script. Instructions are inside the config.ini file.
Added : Lists ROM information at the bottom of the UI.
Added : Status label.
Added : APK Counter.
Updated : Small UI changes to include the new elements.
Updated : Some speed impovements
Fixed : A bug where it wouldn’t let the user create a .ZIP ROM file.

Beta 3
Removed : All links for a warez forum that was added in the app. Not intentionally, of course. It’s just my base forum where I’m always on.

Beta 2
Added : Can inject multiple .APKs at once (via drag and drop on the blue box or through the listbox context menu)
Added : Can extract multiple .APKs at once
Added : Can delete multiple .APKs at once
Updated : Listbox automatically resorts itself after injection of .APKs

Initial BETA releasee