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Long time no blog.

Harro readers (yes I’m assuming that I indeed have readers), hows things?

Ain’t blogged in a long time because, well, I’ve been busy at Uni. Not busy with Uni work, just busy with drinking, having fun, being broke and eating toast! Student life eh?

Updates on projects/things I’m doing are as follows;
sharpUpdate – May be dead. See no real use for it, then again I could just pick it up and run with it again real soon.
REALbasic Lessons – Still thinking on something to do a lesson on. If you want anything done then comment.
Graphics Design – Have done absolutely none of this since the last post on here. I don’t even remember off hand what that is.
Web Design – Still have one project going. No word from the customer though so I don’t really know how it is going to pan out. Hopefully it will come through.

And that’s that! So if you need / want anything done then comment.

P.s. – Hangovers suck.