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Signature – Slanted

w8VnC cC5Du

Decided to create a new sig, just out of boredom. Called it “Slanted” because the guy is slanted in the pic. Original, huh?

Signature – Khaleesi.


I love Game of Thrones so I wanted to make a signature with one of the characters as the main image. I’ve used Daenerys for the stock image. Quite proud of it.

Signature – Noname.


I’ve done nothing recently in graphics design so I’ve decided to try my hand at it again.

As always I go for a minimalistic approach, I feel this is pretty good for such a long absence from the design side of things.

Signature – Cudi.


Just awake and made this Verti sig.

Think it turned out pretty much ok. Wasn’t going for anything too fancy, just a nice colour and feel!

Design – Modern Warfare kind of line?


Yeah so I was bored and made this.

Thought the effect came out pretty well. Looking at it now I know what could have been better! Might update it one day!

Design – Random Swirly Thing.


Complete random design. First mess around in Adobe Illustrator CS5, although I am quite liking it :).

Signature – Finished.


Second sig in a long time.

Signature – Cold.


So I have been away from graphics / web design for a very long time.

This is my latest signature, entitled “Cold”. Just sharing.