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Release – sharpUpdate V0.1.

What is sharpUpdate?
This is a simple app I have been working on as a side project for a little while now, it kinda grew and grew as I developed it.
It’s developed in C#.NET and took me a few months to finish I think(?), but was worth it as a cool side project.
I had been reading about people complaining that they couldn’t get Title Updates because they were banned from XBL, so I thought I could do something about this, and I did.

What does it do?
sharpUpdate allows you to download a Title Update for ANY game within a certain database of games. From there you can opt to set the default download folder (Or sharpUpdate will just set it for you) and click on the “Add Title Updates to USB” button where you can, well, put Title Updates onto USB.

Title Updates on USB? How?! Why?!
Well for people who cannot get on XBL and do want the latest Title Updates for their games then they can through sharpUpdate.
What you need to have is a USB Flash Drive and it must be formatted by an Xbox 360. After your drive has been formatted by an Xbox 360 just simply plug it into your PC and run sharpUpdate. From there you can download Title Updates and add/remove them to your USB Flash Drive! Simples.

What do I need for this app?
– A USB Flash Drive that has been formatted by an Xbox 360
– A game that needs a Title Update
– .NET4 on your PC

I want to see pictures/videos/proof of this app working
Ok, here you go.

List of testers and results

Imgur GUI Screenshot

Youtube Videos
Video #1
Video #2 Part 1
Video #2 Part 2

Ok I’ve heard enough, let me download it!
Ok so be it! Here is your download link!
Unfortunately the website I did host this project on has been taken down, along with it all of my links for the download. Extremely upsetting. I might have a copy on a pen drive somewhere.

PS – Read the READ ME